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Health & Hygiene

INDIA ,UAE Safest Relocation Company

We are taking precautions over and above stated by the authorities because we believe that nothing is more important than the health of our customers and the safety of our crew. Ensure that when you move, you trust a  ADHAR NETWORK  moving company that is serious about safety.


We are conducting regular and rigorous training to ensure that all our entire team is well versed with health and hygiene operating procedures. We have instructions in the native language of our crew to ensure that the understand the letter and spirit of safety measures.

We take safety seriously and you are welcome to quiz any of our crew to know their knowledge of the procedures put in place.

Daily Health Checks

All crew reporting for duty in the morning undergo a visual check by a trained semi-medic. Temperature is taken and logged in a register daily at the beginning of the day to ensure that no one having fever is allowed to work.

Segregated Accommodation

Anyone reporting a temperatures is sent back to the quarters. We have segregated our staff accommodation in three separate buildings. Besides the regular accommodation, we have rooms for quarantine as well as isolation.

Equipment & Material

All our moving equipment such as trolleys and tools are sanitized after each move to reduce the chance of infection. All re-usable packing material is compulsorily disinfected and rotated after a cooling period.

Equipment & Material

All members of the team wear a mask, gloves and regularly disinfect themselves using sanitizers as well as soap. All masks and gloves are destroyed after every move, hence the chance of infection is minimized.



We have enabled virtual surveys using video and photos of the site. Our estimates are made on a fair assessment of the images shared and the phone conversation with clients.

In case we must make a physical survey, our trained surveyors visit clients wearing protective gear and maintain social distancing. Contact with any surface, furniture or appliances is minimized and disinfected promptly in case it must be touched.


All moves require a screening of the team before they leave for the site. We ensure social distancing in our transport as per the government norms. The vans used for the move are also periodically sanitized using Dubai Municipality approved disinfectant.

Our crew tries to maintain social distancing as much as practically possible, but during breaks all food and drinks require the use of disposal cutlery

The team leader carries adequate supplies of sanitizers to ensure that our crew is safe and surfaces stay disinfected.

All disposable packing material such as boxes, tapes, ropes are destroyed after each move.


All material kept in our storage is wrapped in plastic and the facility is periodically sanitized to avoid infection.

Clients are provided PPE gear when visiting our premises to inspect or transfer their stored items.

Customer Guidelines

We could do with your help to ensure a very safe move. Here is what you can do before, during and after the move

Planning for the Move – (Vet your Movers carefully)
a. Do your homework and ask a lot of questions about safety measures — not just with         regard to being careful with your breakables, but with regard to COVID-19
b. Call the moving company to ask about the steps that they have implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19
c. Confirm if this is only lip service or the precautions are seriously implemented and that the staff is adequately trained in these procedures.
Preparation for the Move
a. Thoroughly clean your new home / office
b. Confirm with the moving company that none of their staff assigned for this move are having any symptoms of COVID-19.
c. Brand NEW boxes: The coronavirus has been found to live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. Ensure that your mover is using brand new boxes.
d. Try and do as much of the packing yourself as possible
e.  Reach out to your neighbors — especially if you live in an apartment building — and share the date and time you plan to move. This gives everyone in your direct vicinity an opportunity to avoid unnecessary contact and let you know if your timing is a problem
f.   If you or any family members are experiencing coronavirus symptoms, postpone your moving plans

During the Move
a. Wear masks and gloves at all times during the move
b. Ensure your movers are also adequately protected with fresh PPE gear.
c. Minimize your contact with the crew, maintaining a distance of at least 2 meters where possible.
d. Where possible, clean your belongings with standard domestic cleaning products before they are handled by others
e.  Disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, paying particular attention to doorknobs and handles
f.  Place soap and paper towels next to sinks and hand sanitizer by doors and encourage frequent use by the crew.
After the Move
a. Give your boxes and furniture a proper sanitization before you unpack. Make sure to thoroughly wash your own hands after handling those items